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I love this restaurant because all of the dishes they serve are really fresh. How did we know that? Simple. This is because you can taste them at every bite. Fresh ingredients especially the leafy greens have a different taste compared to those which are not as healthy. For one, it is crunchier. Also, it has a more vibrant color and flavor too. More than that, it is more delicious with every bite. This is the reason why I come to this place often. I know that they are going to give me the best among the best.


Feed Body and Soul is a restaurant where you can get great dishes from. I love especially their salad since it is well made. The dressing is not so thick that you are going to need a shovel just to scoop it into your mouth. It is very tasty too and very delicious. Normally, I get fed up when I eat salad continuously. The bland flavor is not really something to be cherished. But here at this restaurant, I look forward to it. You have many fruit-based vinaigrette that you will enjoy such as the raspberry one and the strawberry one. I cannot really explain but the flavors they bring are not something you cannot find at the restaurants we have around the area. Make sure to visit this to give you an idea of what I am talking about. This restaurant is not something that you should not miss especially if you live in the Dallas area.


I salute those people who are behind the founding of this restaurant. They are really great individuals for taking into consideration all the needs of the people. What more is that they are really amazing. Make sure not to miss out on what they are offering because it will give you a good experience.